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The area surrounding the majestic Udawalawe National Park includes several hotels and campsites out of which Thuduwa Camp is one of the most popular. A number of captivating special attributes have elevated the popularity and prominence of the Thuduwa Camp and these attributes include the mesmerising lake and the thrilling combination of camping and bonfires. Tourists from all over the world will certainly enjoy an once-in-a-lifetime experience at Thuduwa Camp. The rooms as well as meals served at this enchanting organisation will undeniably meet your expectations.

Exciting and Adventurous Activities

Camping under the bright stars and safaris of the exciting fauna and flora of Udawalawe are just some of our wonderful activities!

Mesmerising Natural Surroundings

As we are located in the vicinity of the alluring Udawalawe National Park, the surroundings that we offer is amazingly picturesque

Unique and Highly Comfortable Rooms

We provide our guests with a wide variety of fully-equipped and comfortable rooms that are closely-tied to nature.

Camping at Thuduwa Camp


Enjoy exciting, thrilling, as well as picturesque camping at our globally-acclaimed campsite!

Restaurant of Thuduwa Camp


Taste unique Sri Lankan and foreign cuisines and refreshments that will amaze your taste buds!

Boat Safaris at Thuduwa Camp

Boat Safari

Create an unforgettable memory with our mesmerising boat safaris through the naturally alluring backdrop of Udawalawe!

Cabanas of Thuduwa Camp


World-class cabanas and verandahs with every single necessity will provide you both comfort and luxury with an exciting natural touch!

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